Holidays and Festivals

Nafplion Festival: Since 1991, the Municipality of Nafplion has created an institution devoted to classical music, which has also been honored with the distinction “Artistic Festival” by the Union of Greek Musical Critics. The wonderful squares of Nafplion and its archaeological sites, such as Palamidi, host the ten-day events. All these years of successful organization of the festival many people have attended this and a number of Greek and foreign artists who have been honored and newcomers have honored with their participation in the Festival. Since 2012, the National Opera has a special interest.
Argos-Mycenae Festival: For three months, Argos celebrates with a series of events that take place in various places such as the ancient theater of Argos, the archaeological site of Mycenae and the beaches of Argos. The events include artistic and cultural events such as music, theater, dancing, as well as events such as the celebration of harvest in the village of Malandrini with a traditional feast and the feast of the sea that is organized every year in Nea Kios by the fishermen’s club where fresh sardine fried and plenty of wine at the traditional feast. Still there are many theatrical performances of ancient theater.
Ancient Theater Festival in Epidaurus: The ancient theater of Epidaurus is one of the most well known and best preserved ancient theaters in Greece. In the wonderful atmosphere of this theater every year there are performances of ancient theater as well as not only in the context of the Athens-Epidaurus festival. A Festival that has become an institution for Greece every summer. Many are Greek and foreign artists who have honored one of the longest-running festivals in Greece. End of September to the beginning of October, the Tracta Festival is organized on the beach of the settlement of Tolo, where there is plenty of wine and a traditional traditional feast. Also in December at the Municipality of Asini is the Mandarin Festival with traditional mandarin products accompanied by the expected feast. Of course in the prefecture of Argolida you will also find several traditional festivals in honor of the Saints, such as the feast of Agios Dimitrios.
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